Whether you're an established recording artist, a new performer breaking into the field, or a business needing help, Hume Audio has the services to assist you.

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Modern audio processing and editing has become increasingly important - to achieve competitive loudness and tonal balance, as well as to retain the integrity of their original conception.


Alexander Hume specializes in analog & digital audio mastering, mixing, production, tutoring, and editing.

They also have a thorough understanding of recording, arranging, sound design, video game audio, live sound, performance, video, and dialogue.

In addition to over 10 years of experience in electronic media, they studied Audio Engineering, Media Project Management, and Writing at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.


Hume's clients' work has garnered millions of plays and been signed to several international labels, among other accolades. Hume is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society's Pacific Northwest chapter.

Pricing is subject to change depending on the project

For all inquiries, including multiple or larger projects, tutoring, editing and discounts:


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What Bit Depth + Sampling Rate + Dithering should I use?

24 or 32 bit depth preferred - 16 is ok too

44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz sampling rate


No dithering - please export your audio in the format it was recorded in


How much headroom should I leave on my premaster or stems?

What if I've lost my project file?

No digital clipping, ideally more than 3 dB of headroom in the loudest passages of your audio file(s)

Audio restoration services costs $5-20 extra depending on the project and I can

accommodate and remedy most issues

​Let me know in your order notes or contact me for more information

I have compression & other processing on my master bus

Do I leave that processing on in my premaster?

Please send two versions - one with processing and one without


If you have your own master or mix, feel free to include them as references


How should I organize my files or stems and title them?

My preference for stem grouping is as follows: 




​Please include bit depth/sampling rate information in the filename(s)


Example 1: "ARTIST - TITLE 3244 Premaster"

Example 2: "ARTIST - TITLE - DRUMS 3248"

When I load your stems in my DAW it should play back your mix in its current state, with key elements separated into individual stems



I need a Spotify/Apple Digital/Vinyl/Club Master.

Can you accommodate me?

I've completed many of these projects and will ensure your audio meets all of the specifications required for digital media playback, streaming services and analog mediums like cassette tape and vinyl records

I charge $5 for each additional export

​Let me know in your order notes or contact me for more information

Loudness + Tone​


Please include 1-2 reference tracks in your order notes or email if possible

This is in addition to your own master or mix, if you have provided one



Use WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive only for sending files


If you're sending stems or multiple files,

please compress them into a single .ZIP file

Turnaround + Refunds + Revisions

Turnaround is typically under 48 hours on weekdays and under 72 on weekends


Revisions on my end are always free after I've received payment, no refunds

There will be an additional fee if mixdowns or recordings need to be altered post-mixing or have to be sent to me again to cover any additional time spent working in the studio

I charge $5-20 for each revision depending on the labor and project