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Zach, Zauso

"I hired Hume Audio to master my latest single, and I gotta say I will be coming back for every release in the foreseeable future. The track sounds phenomenal, the turnaround time was extremely fast, and the price was incredibly competitive. I know he does a lot of EDM and House style music, but my genre is more alternative singer-songwriter and he absolutely made the track shine. Hume's the guy!"
"Hume is not just a great engineer, but also a clear communicator. My projects involve both electronic and live instruments, including 12 tracks of drums. Hume is always up for the challenge and always gives me great feedback on the recordings and my mixing. The final master is always outstanding as well."
"Hume Audio has consistently provided Rock Bottom Records incomparable customer service for all audio engineering needs. For over 3 years we have utilized Hume's services for consulting, mixing, and mastering and truly can say that he is the best in the business. His attention to detail and expeditious turnaround times are unmatched and have provided consistent quality to our project. We look forward to many more years of working alongside Hume Audio!"

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